How to achieve the highest
long-term PV project values?
Learn how to achieve the highest long-term PV project values in this presentation given by Laura Stern, President and Co-Founder of Nautilus Solar Energy.

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Achieving high long-term project value has become increasingly challenging in the Solar PV market. Project ownership has shifted from a typical 20-year period to just 6-18 months.

The resulting shorter-term project decision-making cycles erode long-term project value because there is a reset period in terms of value every time assets are bought and sold.

In her presentation, Laura Stern states that long-term PV project value is a function of the initial investment and exit model assumptions, more so than how the project is operating during the term of ownership. And that any additional operating cost represents a reduction to the owner’s base case and erodes their returns.

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This presentation includes info about:

  • Optimizing PV project value
  • Dealing with project challenges
  • Taking an integrated approach to managing projects
  • In-house vs. Outsourcing
  • Current industry challenges
  • Market trends
  • Top services and pricing trends

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