Welcome to US Biogas 2019
Your Gateway into the US Biogas to RNG Industry
If you are looking to secure investments, find partners or enter the biogas-RNG project development and supply chain, look no further. US Biogas 2019 is the stage and business development hub for New and Active market players.

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Just some of the company speaking are:
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Here are the exciting networking activities you can engage in at US Biogas 2019 to help you build partnerships in the US Biogas to RNG industry:

  • *NEW* Business to Business Matchmaking Service – enjoy targeted networking opportunities with the new matchmaking meeting planner service – an app that will help arrange 1:1 meetings onsite with those who matter to you based on their interests and roles
  • *NEW* Interactive Panel Discussions, Roundtables and Niche Workshops on how to tackle the organics diversion legislation guiding your way to the best management methods for your organic material
  • Join 350+ Biogas-RNG Focussed Attendees (including major biogas and RNG project developers; municipal government & public authorities; RNG and biofuels fleet owners and operators; utilities; power generation and energy companies; corporates and sustainability officers; financiers and asset managers; technology innovators; plant and equipment manufacturers)
  • Learn from 45+ Highly Qualified Speakers & Panellists – Senior managers, managers, executives discussing all you need to know for growth
  • Walk through a two room, 20-booth exhibition showcase exploring the latest and greatest innovations
  • Hear about the USA’s most exciting project developments outlining the pathway for biomethane to interconnections, RNG-as-vehicle-fuel projects and hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles
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Critical conference topics and learning outcomes for 2019 include:

  • Monetize your biogas-RNG production in the vehicle fuel sector: Find out the latest on LCFS and RFS pathways, as well as the tax structure for compliance purposes. Gain clarity on RNG market demand and how to operate your projects for improved commercial outcomes.
  • Tackle challenges associated with the organic diversion legislation: Learn how to comply with the organic waste diversion legislation and explore innovative technologies to turn this challenge into a commercial opportunity based on lessons learnt from your peers
  • Capitalize on dairy-RNG investments: Understand how to define the value of your products for maximum bottom line results as the dairy community continues to increase in value and your opportunities to increase profitability are growing
  • Succeed in your biogas- electric vehicle, RNG-hydrogen and pipeline injection projects: Discover efficient ways to get biogas to market. Learn about eRINs and the EPA plans to allow biogas to register and how to expand the availability of cellulosic fuels by about 170 million gallons per year.
  • Explore all you need to know about financing opportunities: Discover how public financing can leverage private financing and vice versa, as well as ways to maximize ownership interest, minimize debt to attract investors, mitigate risk for long-term prospects

Why you cannot afford to miss US Biogas 2019…

The US Biogas event is a premier networking hub for businesses that are looking to invest, find partners or secure contracts in upcoming biogas projects

Anticipating the US Biogas to RNG boom, the US Biogas event has more than doubled in size each year and attendees will experience another bumper year with no less than 350 attendees.

US Biogas unites 350+ executives, covering everything you need to know about the US markets, including two deep-dive breakout sessions on transportation, dairy, pipeline injections, organics management and finance.

The US Biogas exhibition happening alongside the conference hall will accommodate 20+ exhibition booths for companies that wish to sell products and services into the Biogas-RNG supply chain.

Uniting companies from:
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If you are interested in speaking at the 2019 event please contact the conference director, Diana Dropol at diana@newenergyupdate.com

Kind regards and see you in San Diego!

Diana Dropol

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