Design, Develop + Deploy
Dispatchable Solar Electricity and Heat
CSP Madrid is a networking event, drawing together 300+ Senior Attendees, 50+ Speakers and 25+ Sponsors & Exhibitors. All new for 2019, use the newly acquired online meeting technology, giving you access to schedule over 20+ on-site meetings with key stakeholders.

 2018 demonstrated a decline in CSP costs (26% reduction) and a rise in capacity factors (up to 45%). With intermittent renewable penetration growing in global grid systems, now is the time to secure your company’s future in the marketplace for clean dispatchable energy. With a 13-year legacy, CSP Madrid is the leading European hub for global solar thermal insight, learning, networking and business for the complete value-chain. The opportunity to take 6 months of meetings with global industry leaders in one trip.
A Legacy of Hosting Industry Leaders, Innovators and Business Decisions Makers
This is the only strategic and business oriented industry forum uniting the complete value chain to deliver actionable steps in designing, developing and deploying solar thermal projects globally!

  • Concentrated Solar Power
  • Hybrid Energy Systems
  • Concentrated Solar Heat
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Solar EOR
  • Renewable Desalination
  • Solar Heat for Industrial Processes
Industry relevant and business critical 2019 themes at CSP Madrid:

  • Market development for utility scale projects - Assess the pipeline of global CSP projects across Europe, North America, LATAM, Africa, MENA, China and Australia

  • Plant configuration and hybridisation - Understand the business case for coupling CSP with ‘X’ technologies to meet specific grid, industrial and commercial requirements

  • Thermal energy storage opportunities - Evaluate the development opportunities thermal storage power plants presents as a solution to changing energy system requirements and policy

  • Finance breakthroughs and risk management - Discuss strategies and hear case studies for financing structure and risk management innovation to overcome unfavourable lending climate

  • Technology innovation for cost reduction - Asses the latest in technology advancements to bring CSP and CSH costs down, improve efficiency and sustain reliability across the whole plant

  • Solar heat for industrial processes - Finding solutions for cleaner heat has been overlooked as part of the energy transition, explore the opportunities and technical considerations for solar heat in industrial processes
Rhys Watt
Project Director
New Energy Update

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